Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thursday, 31st July

Due to local knowledge, and a lot of practise walks, Clive has been able to guide us through Somerset along the forest paths and valleys. Well done Clive, much better then road walking. The walk yesterday was interspersed by beautiful views of the Bristol channel as it flows out to sea near Minehead.
Thanks for the lovely evening we enjoyed with our Tuesday night host, Iowerth, and his friends, and also for the donation.

 Yesterday, we stopped at the 'Periwinkle Tea Rooms' in Selworthy Green (NT) and were treated to a lovely cream tea as well as being given a generous donation from Hayley Richards and staff. Anyone finding themselves in that locality, it's well worth a visit. Tell Hayley 'Kevin the walker' sent you!
 Thanks are also due to Ann and Martin for giving us accommodation last night in their B & B 'The Butterflies' in Porlock. Lovely place!
I'm looking forward to entering Devon soon and then there is only Cornwall to go!

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