Saturday, 26 July 2014

Saturday, 26th July

We have now passed over the Severn Bridge, which is a 5249feet bridge that took us from Wales back in to England. Luke has now left us and Phil and I have continued on. I am very thankful to Luke for his help and companionship over the past couple of weeks. I hope he enjoyed his End to End experience!

 Phil and I enjoyed a day and a night in Bristol where we were very well looked after by Rev. Matt Norris and our friends at Bristol Church of the Nazarene. The church also ran a "Water Walk" fund-raiser, which raised an amazing 462pounds for our cause!

The Norris family took time to show us around Bristol. Here we are with Daisy and Gabriel Norris at Bristol Zoo.

Bristol is the site of John Wesley's first Methodist Chapel - The New Rooms. Here I am (left) in Wesley's pulpit and (right) with a statue of Wesley.

Bristol is also home to the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge. An impressive sight!

Today, Phil and I continued on our way, into North Somerset. Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to Phil and will be joined by Matthew.

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