Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tuesday, 1st July

Tuesday 1st July
Firstly, a couple of thank yous...
One of the Children's Pastors at Bethel Church of the Nazarene in Nampa, Idaho, sent this photo to me. What an encouragement. This is my 3-year-old grandson, Elliot. In this photo he is participating in their VBS fundraising. I just received word that the Bethel kids raised MORE THAN $2000 for our charities! Absolutely unbelievable! I am so amazed by these children, and the adults that work so hard with them. Thank you so much, Bethel kids! Every penny that you raised will go directly to helping families, just like yours, who don't have the things that we take for granted. Thank you!
Also, thank you SO much to the Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene for your generous donation to my fund-raising! I have never even been to Ohio, yet they heard of what I'm doing and wanted to show their support. I am overwhelmed by your generousity. Thank you!
It's been a few days since I've been able to update you all on my progress.
This week we passed through Lockerbie and were able able to spend a little time looking around the memorial to the famous and tragic air disaster.
On Saturday, we crossed the border from Scotland into England, so I have now walked the entire length of Scotland!
The road-walking has been taking its toll on my feet. Howev...er, it has been wonderful to be in more populated areas. I have had the chance to speak to so many people and I regularly receive donations from people that we pass by.
When we reached Carlisle, on Saturday, David's leg on the journey came to an end. Thank you to him for his company and support. I have now been joined by my older brother, Brian. I am happy to be sharing part of this adventure with my brother.
On Sunday, I attended a church in Longtown. They gave me an opportunity to share my story and then took up an offering for my fund-raising efforts. The small congregation were incredibly generous. Thank you so much to them for their hospitality, support and generous donation.
Brian and I are now in the Lake District, enjoying some more beautiful scenery. I hope to be able to share some more photos soon.
Next week, I will pass through my home town!
Thank you for your continuing interest, support and encouragement!

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