Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Just had the good news that are books are now ready to be sent to me. If anyone would like one just let me know. The online giving page is now closed but only yesterday I received a cheque in the post to add to the funds , so the money is still coming in, thanks everyone.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Got a surprise package through the post this morning. A proof copy of my book, I didn't expect it so soon.  It looks good to me so I have sent the official order through and they start on the printing tomorrow.  It will soon be available for distribution and will make excellent stocking fillers and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping charities as well

Monday, 10 November 2014

I enjoyed the evening at the Leeds church. The Indian food was delicious! I prepared a power point presentation but when I tried to use their computer I couldn't open the file and then a message came up that it was 'corrupted' so that was the end of that. Fortunately I had a power point that I had used before at another church so I was able to use that. It seemed to go OK.

This morning I sent my book manuscript to the publishers, I have been told it should be ready in about three weeks. That is good news and it is a relief to know I have finished my part and just have to wait for the finished result.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I'm still receiving some donations which is very encouraging, but we'll soon be drawing everything to a close so if anyone has been intending to donate but has not got round to it, now would be a good time. 

On Saturday I am over in Leeds doing a presentation in the local Nazarene church, the evening has an Indian theme and we are encouraged to  wear traditional Indian dress and taste some of the authentic cuisine.

The manuscript for the book is almost ready to be sent to the printers, we are aiming at having that done by weekend.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Have now visited the publishers in Chepstow and been given advice on the best way to go forward with my book and what sort of costs I should expect. At the moment there is a three week turn around from them receiving my manuscripts and the book being ready for sale. I will aim to have it sent to them by the second week in November and then it should be available well before Christmas.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Had a good evening last Saturday. We had a relaxed social time, some of those that had walked with me gave little anecdotes of the walk or recounted their best or worst times.
Next week on Monday I am going to visit the publishers to see what the next step is with my book.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Have now given Grace the next section of the book. This Saturday I have arranged a celebratory and thank you social evening at Ashton Church of the Nazarene, Stamford St. for all those who have followed my progress and supported me in my walk. Everyone is invited, it starts at 7.00 and a light buffet will be available. All who walked with me will have the opportunity to share a memory .
During the evening I will announce the total raised so far, I am still accepting donations and the money is still slowly building up.
If you'd like to join with us on Saturday please let me know.  0161 308 4536

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Have now finished putting all the content of my book into the computer and we are now at the editing stage. A friend of ours Grace who is a retired school teacher has agreed to help us with this and on Friday we gave her a hard copy of the first third of the book. Today Sunday when we saw her at church she had almost completed checking it through! Thanks Grace for being so quick, we'll hopefully get the second third to her by this coming Friday.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sorry it's been so long since I posted any information. I have had so many things to catch up on. Ruth and I are continuing to work on my book and I have had a couple of interviews with the local press and radio. For anyone who may be interested on Thursday 18th September I will be on the radio and having my favourite songs played in between relating experiences from my walk, a bit like Desert Island Discs. I'll let you know the times later.
I have also taken a couple of bookings with local churches to talk about the walk and show pictures, if anyone else is interested in arranging a similar thing at their church or community centre please let me know. Donations are still coming in and we will keep the account open for a few more weeks, if you wish to support me you'll find Tearfund Giving on my blog or contact me direct.
Thanks for your continued support, more next week

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Trying to adjust to 'normal' life, whatever that is! I am trying to ring round all the people I stayed with over the past 3 months but if I haven't spoken to you yet don't worry I soon will.
I am missing the interaction with the people I was meeting as I walked along but on the other hand it is good to be back with family and friends and it was good to be met by family as I reached Lands End.
To my followers in the U.S. thanks for your long distance support and thanks Becky for all the help with the blog. I hope to provide you with more photos of the British landscape  next time I am able to visit Becky and family
I am keeping the fund raising account open for the next couple of months by which time I am hoping to have my book ready for circulation. It will be called End to End on a Shoe String.
I will continue to update the blog twice a week when possible.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tuesday, 19th August - THE END!

I made it! It's over! My son, Carl, walked with me on my last day. Thank you, THANK YOU, for all the people that helped to make this crazy idea a reality. I will post again when I've had some time to rest and reflect. For now...sleep and family time.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday, 18th August

Now down to south coast of Cornwall. Have had a couple of days off with family and I will be walking the final 13 miles to Land's End tomorrow (19th) with my Son, Carl. Will be expecting to finish the walk at about 3.30pm BST. More information and pictures to follow as soon as I can. A big thank you to all who have supported me so far. I finish this adventure TOMORROW!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tuesday, 12th August

I am so close to the end now! The walk continues to be very strenuous. By the end of each day I know I've done a walk! I have had a little rain recently, but nothing too terrible.
Thank you to the lady and her young daughter who held the gate open for me and to the couple I met on route a couple of days ago - thanks for the donation and a special thank you to their children for the energy bars!
I feel the end is in sight now and that I am going to finish the course.
Thank you Sally and Kevin for the hospitality and donation. I enjoyed my stay with you and hope to meet up again in the future.
My wife, Ruth, has now rejoined me, and my son and his family travel down on Thursday to help me finish this adventure!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday, 4th August

I am currently walking alone, until Ruth rejoins me next week. I enjoyed a 2 day break in Appledore, where I had a great time watching the regatta. Huge thank you to Irene and David, who were my lovely hosts. They treated me like family in their beautiful home.
I was back "on the road" today. Most of today's walking was coastal paths along the cliffs - beautiful scenery. Tonight, I am staying in a B&B in Cloverly, courtesy of Chris West. Tomorrow, I head to Hartland Quay.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday, 1st August

Matthew has now completed his part of the journey and is making his way back home. Thank you, Matthew. I hope you enjoyed your taste of the End to End adventure!
Last night we stayed in Lynton, at the home of Renee and Terry. Terry is also an End to Ender, so we had LOTS to talk about. Thank you, Renee and Terry.
Tonight, I am in Barnstaple. We are now in August, so the count-down to the finish-line has begun!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thursday, 31st July

Due to local knowledge, and a lot of practise walks, Clive has been able to guide us through Somerset along the forest paths and valleys. Well done Clive, much better then road walking. The walk yesterday was interspersed by beautiful views of the Bristol channel as it flows out to sea near Minehead.
Thanks for the lovely evening we enjoyed with our Tuesday night host, Iowerth, and his friends, and also for the donation.

 Yesterday, we stopped at the 'Periwinkle Tea Rooms' in Selworthy Green (NT) and were treated to a lovely cream tea as well as being given a generous donation from Hayley Richards and staff. Anyone finding themselves in that locality, it's well worth a visit. Tell Hayley 'Kevin the walker' sent you!
 Thanks are also due to Ann and Martin for giving us accommodation last night in their B & B 'The Butterflies' in Porlock. Lovely place!
I'm looking forward to entering Devon soon and then there is only Cornwall to go!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday, 29th July

Phil's part of this adventure has now come to an end. Thank you, Phil, for your help and companionship. I hope you had as much fun as I did!
I have now been joined by Matthew Fisher, who will walk with me this week.
 Sunday was an enjoyable rest day. We were invited to a BBQ with the Bristol, Weston and Taunton Nazarene churches. Thank you to them for their support and generous donations.
 Yesterday, we walked to Bridgewater. Clive, from the Taunton church, decided to walk a few days with us. Welcome, Clive!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Saturday, 26th July

We have now passed over the Severn Bridge, which is a 5249feet bridge that took us from Wales back in to England. Luke has now left us and Phil and I have continued on. I am very thankful to Luke for his help and companionship over the past couple of weeks. I hope he enjoyed his End to End experience!

 Phil and I enjoyed a day and a night in Bristol where we were very well looked after by Rev. Matt Norris and our friends at Bristol Church of the Nazarene. The church also ran a "Water Walk" fund-raiser, which raised an amazing 462pounds for our cause!

The Norris family took time to show us around Bristol. Here we are with Daisy and Gabriel Norris at Bristol Zoo.

Bristol is the site of John Wesley's first Methodist Chapel - The New Rooms. Here I am (left) in Wesley's pulpit and (right) with a statue of Wesley.

Bristol is also home to the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge. An impressive sight!

Today, Phil and I continued on our way, into North Somerset. Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to Phil and will be joined by Matthew.